As a Berkley Classics agency, will you download to our agency management system?
Yes, you can request download services by emailing
As a Berkley Classics agent, can I bind coverage?
Yes, agents appointed with us have binding authority for vehicles up to $100,000 in value. You have four business days to get the completed application and photos to underwriting.

Do I have to include a down payment with a submitted application?
No, down payments are not required. If an agent already has a payment from the insured, it can be mailed in as soon as the policy number is issued.

How and when do I make a payment?

An invoice is generated separate from the policy. Once the invoice is received, insureds can now choose to pay online using a credit card or through their checking/savings account. Checks can also be mailed to:

Berkle.y Classics
P.O. Box 639837
Cincinnati, OH 45263-9837
Are payment plans available?
Yes, if the premium is $200 or more, we offer the ability to pay in two installments, three installments, four installments, six installments or eleven installments.
How do I report a claim?
You can report a claim by contacting your servicing agency, calling 1-855-216-6930 or emailing
Can Berkley Classics insure a vehicle for comprehensive only?
Yes, if the vehicle is under restoration and not being transported or driven, but it must be insured for the current value rather than the completed value.
Do you offer a car club discount?
Yes, we offer a discount on the entire policy for membership in a qualifying club. Most clubs which hold regular meetings will qualify.
Do you offer a transfer discount?
Yes, if the vehicle was previously insured with a specialty collector vehicle insurer, a transfer discount applies.
How do you charge for liability for vehicle collections?
There is only one charge per policy for Liability, Medical Payments/Personal Injury Protection and Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists coverages.
How will I receive a copy of the policy?
When the policy is issued, agents can retrieve a copy via the agent portal. The insured’s copy is mailed directly to the insured.
Can I quote the additional premium for adding a vehicle to an existing policy?
The current tool is not designed for policy endorsements to add vehicles to a policy. However, you may quote the additional vehicle to obtain an approximate premium charge. Insureds will be billed the pro-rated premium for adding it to the existing policy.
What is the agent portal?
The agent portal is a secure site protected by user IDs and passwords which is specifically for employees of contracted agencies. Agents can access quotes, policies, billing and a wealth of other information to help manage your business.
What is the insured portal?
The insured portal is a secure site protected by user IDs and passwords. It is specifically designed for Berkley Classics insureds to help manage their accounts.

Do I have to create a user account to get a quick quote?
No, you don’t need to create an account to get an estimate, but if you wish to save your quote or submit an application to obtain a policy, you will need to create an account.
If I quote something on this website, are the quotes stored?
Yes, simply log in and you should have no problem coming back to a quote you previously saved.
How many vehicles can I quote online for one policy?
You can quote up to six vehicles using the quick quote tool; however, there is no limit to the number of vehicles we can insure on a single policy.

After completing an online quote, what happens next?
Collector vehicle owners and Berkley Classics agents may proceed to apply for coverage immediately or choose to print, save or email a copy of the quote to receive instructions on how to apply at a later time.
Does Berkley Classics insure snowmobiles or vehicles associated with racing?
We do offer coverage on vintage snowmobiles. Vehicles associated with racing or timed events are not insured. For the complete list of insurable vehicles, click here.
Can I have a mix of collector vehicles (e.g. tractors, trucks, motorcycles, cars) on the same policy?
Yes, as long as they all have the same liability limits.
Are there mileage limits?
There is no mileage limit for vehicles which are more than 20 years old as long as the car is only driven for pleasure, car shows and club events. Vehicles newer than 20 years are limited to 2,500 annual miles so they maintain or appreciate in value.